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February 2, 2022

We like how noii wants to make dating more authentic and real. noii provides a comfortable dating experience and live video speed dating, instead of superficial swiping. Thanks to Laura and enjoy the interview down below!

Tell us about noii and yourself

noii is a video-based dating platform. In our live video speed dating once a week, we let you date pre-selected singles. You get an authentic impression of someone as quickly as possible and don’t waste time by swiping and chatting online forever.

We are live with our first MVP since July, most of the platform is built with

I am Laura, co-founder of noii and I live in Winterthur. We are a team of three. noii started one year ago with the goal to revolutionize online dating. I do not have a fancy university degree yet, but I am responsible for hundreds of dates 😉.

Laura Matter co-founder of noii

Could you share something about dating that many people do not know?

  1. There are soooo many dating platforms, I was not aware of the amount and how similar most of them are 😃.
  2. Online dating will be possible in the Metaverse world very soon.
  3. 53 % of people using online dating apps lie about their profile information or uploaded pictures.

How do you ace remote work and remote collaboration? What tips can you share?

Daily updates with the team are key. There is no day passing, where we did not hear a word from each other in the team. That makes you feel like working in a team.

Also, do these checkups via video call and EVERYBODY has to turn on their camera. At least that adds a bit of a personal feeling.

We are a 100 % remote team but we make sure, that our founder team is physically together at least once a month. Remote is amazing but being in the same room is just so much more efficient and motivating.


  • Video platform
  • MS Teams for a shared cloud
  • Miro for brainstorming remotely
  • Asana for project and task management

Really it does not matter which tools you use. You just have to keep track of them, because it is the only way to really have an overview of what everybody does in their workday.

Touching your expertise in digital marketing. What advice can you give to beginners?

Focus! Focus on one social media channel for example. NEVER produce individual content for every channel in the early days, it is just too much work.

Have a very close look at agencies if you work with them. I have worked in a digital marketing agency and yes sometimes looking back we were not the best partner for a client. So keep in mind an agency's highest goal is to earn money and do a good job. But they are never as invested as you are in your brand.

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  1. Sophia Amoruso (did a million-dollar business with Nasty Gal, got bankrupted, and started again, crazy inspiring woman). Link:
  2. Andrew Chen (management team at Uber in the early days, all about scaling a startup). Link:
  3. Alain Frei (co-founder of Amorana, swiss sex shop, very cool guy). Link:

Tell us about your favorite products, apps, life hacks in daily life

Oh, there are so many … but spontaneously the following:

  1. Book "100 Ways to Motivate Yourself: Change Your Life Forever". Link
  2. Podcast "Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman". Link
  3. Old podcast, not active anymore but I loved the series "Dating Ring" & "American Apparel". Link

Finally, I also wanted to say

Let’s connect on LinkedIn

More about noii:

Instagram: Link

Website: Link

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