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March 24, 2022

Please tell us about yourself

I’m Paula, 22 years old, and my main occupation is studying medicine in the lovely city of Munich. Particularly the neglected field of global mental health has caught my interest and passion. So, I will soon start working on a dissertation in this context.

One of the most important social determinants of mental and physical health now and in the future is the climate crisis. Like many in my generation, I have been worried about climate change for quite some time. About what it means for our planet, and especially what it means for the poorest people and countries. Those who are affected most and contributed the least to the man-made climate emergency.

Learning about the root of the failure of the international community to tackle the climate crisis, but also about hopeful international strategies based on cooperation science, has led me to be spokeswoman of the Climate Cooperation Initiative (CCI).

Paula, spokeswoman of the Climate Cooperation Initiative (CCI)

Please tell us about Climate Cooperation Initiative (CCI)

The Climate Corporation Initiative is a non-profit association with members from all over Germany, connected by the desire to promote effective and just international climate policy. The understanding of the climate crisis as a cooperation problem (tragedy of the commons, free rider problem) is fundamental to finding a global solution.

An international climate club, if designed cooperatively, can be a game-changer in bringing global green-house-gas-emissions down and a big chance for climate finance for Low- and Middle-Income Countries. Advocating for these solutions, we hold weekly digital meetings, so people can join from wherever.

What are you looking forward to with CCI in 2022?

We are currently planning a conference on the weekend prior to the G7 summit, that will be held in Germany in June. Olaf Scholz has announced to negotiate a climate club at this summit. We want to take the chance to have a broad coming together of science, activism, and politics at this decisive moment, to discuss how global climate action and climate justice should look like. We are therefore teaming up with Fridays For Future in organizing the conference "GeKKo 7" (Gerechtigkeits- und Klima-Konferenz vor dem G7 Gipfel), which will take place on 17. – 19.06. in Munich.

Next in 2022, we will be working on a call from science and civil society, collaborating with different disciplines and organizations.

I am especially looking forward to taking part in the Service Learning International program by the University of Cologne starting in October. There, we will collaborate with a group of international students on a project, for example a social media campaign for CCI.

How can someone contribute to CCI and what do (new) members usually work on?

The Climate Cooperation Initiative is an association that is living from active members. We hold weekly digital meetings and have different teams: Content, Networking, Social Media, Website … There are lots of opportunities to use one’s creative, communicative or research-skills.

Feel free to contact us and come to one of our digital meetings – everyone is welcome! If time is limited, but you still want to support our cause, you can of course become a member as well or contribute with a donation.

Tell us about your favorite life hacks, tools, and products in daily life

📱I’ve never been good at building habits. An app that has helped me to be more consistent is "Repeat Habit Tracker". It does exactly what it says in the name and is very simple. I am now finally using the meditation app "Headspace" regularly, although I have had the subscription for over two years.

🎧 Listening to music is also one of the best ways for me to switch off. I am currently obsessed by the new album "The Dream" by my favorite band "Alt-J". I love this band for their creative songwriting and unique sound.

📖 Last, but not least, here are two books that I highly recommend to anyone:

  • Learn about inspiring stories and the link between women’s empowerment and health of societies in "The Moment of Lift" by Melinda Gates.
  • In "Humankind – A Hopeful History", Rutger Bregman explores an almost revolutionary narrative – that humans are good. For me, it was a page-turner and worth a second read in 2022 (when it is easy to lose faith in humanity).

Finally, I also wanted to say

If you want to make a difference, find a cause that you are especially passionate about and join or support a group that has the same goals. There’s power in collective cooperation.

To learn more about climate cooperation, about CCI or if you want to donate, please visit our website: (the English version will be ready soon 😉)

Stay up to date and follow us on Instagram and Twitter:

Instagram: @climate_cooperation_de, @climate_cooperation_initiative

Twitter: @CCI_climate

Do you want to join one of our meetings?

Feel free to contact us via e-mail or slide in our DMs, and we will send you an invitation link!

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