Animusians unites NFT artists under one banner

April 29, 2022

The Animusians are an art collective that comprises two core creators, as well as represents and collaborates with upcoming talent from around the world, on a project-by-project basis.

The Team’s skillsets complement one another and range from marketing expertise, SEO, community-building and copywriting, to music composition, fine arts and graphic design.

A lot of time is invested into curating new talent and once or twice per year, hand-picked NFT artists are invited to work on joint projects and cross-promote their art.

What is the vision of Animusians?

When it comes to creating hype to sell art, celebrities and large corporations command an unfair advantage. The market tends to rally around a few powerful brands and neglect talented artists who do not command vast financial resources. It is incredibly hard to compete against mountains of financial muscle, but with sound planning it can be done.

The mission is simple: foster the decentralization of the NFT market. Keep it exciting, accessible and fair by creating a springboard for new artists to find a loyal, passionate audience.

This vision permeates our entire brand — the name Animusians comes from the word “animus”, which hails from Latin and means “mind, spirit, courage, passion”. These are the areas of being we value the most and, coupled with loyalty and kindness, these are the virtues we hone. In our world, all are welcomed equally and given the opportunity to thrive and prove their worth. Our brand stamp is the Chinese Hanzi for spirit “神” or “shén”.

Brand stamp of Animusians

Please explain Animusians in simple words

The Animusian Artists’ Collective caters to two target audiences: the art curators/market-makers (buyers/influencers/collectors/agents/critics) and select creators.

Creating art takes time and dedication. Artists typically have limited marketing prowess and are often averse to taking on the initiative in promoting their own work. The Animusian Artists’ Collective aims to build those bridges and fill in those gaps on the runway to launching successful careers. We aim to create a stable platform and a reliable vehicle for delivering worthy artists to their dreams.

A core tenet of the Collective, is to facilitate smooth industry integration by catalysing community building and brand identity. To that end, we conduct awareness and marketing campaigns, as well as assist starting artists in building their brands. Since starting artists, typically, can’t afford an agency’s fees, we allow them to partly pay for our services in art, by donating art to the Collective store. This is why we only work with artist whose work we enjoy and whose potential we believe in.

Why join forces with the Animusians?

First of all, many starting artists are not savvy marketers, lack the time, experience and/or tech knowledge, all attributes imperative for successful and sustainable brand-building.

Secondly, some artists prefer anonymity and by becoming members of the Animusian Artists’ Collective, they can both build their brand and keep their private lives private.

And finally, by uniting forces with other artists and selling through a collective store, the starting artists will be able to benefit from the success of others. Not only in terms of commissions, but by increasing their industry connections, in time, meeting agents and collectors.

Please share tips on how to build a brand in the NFT and web3 space

The short answer is: decentralized ownership through community. This is why celebrities command such an advantage when it comes to rallying their fans and often take advantage of their followers.

We have selected Torum, a SocialFi Metaverse Web 3.0 project, as the platform for a recurring NFT-centric event called the Animusian Art Festival on Torum. The very first event, aptly named the Torum Art Contest, drew to a close in the second week of April, having ran for 8 weeks since the 7th of February 2022.
The Torum Art Contest was split into three distinct events:

  1. The Art BLITZ
  2. The Themed Art Competition and
  3. The Torum Charity Auction, with 100% of the proceeds going to support an orphanage that caters to mentally disabled and vulnerable children. The cause was voted upon by the Torum Community and the specific NGO was selected by a Torum representative.

These three events encouraged artists to shine brightly, showcasing various aspects, in terms of freestyle, interpreting a specific theme (this time the theme was “Torum Spirit”) and community work/promotion/sales.

Prizes exceeding 1,000 XTM in value were raised from the community in February, to reward winning artists. Over 20 artists submitted their works in February and March. 100% of the Art Auction's proceeds, $550, have been donated to the Kindly Orphan & Handicap Welfare Homes, Shan Dai Selangor.

Follow @Tigerius and @NekoDiego on Torum to stay informed about Animusians.

Torum Art Contest by Animusian
100% of the proceeds from the Torum Art Auction were sent to support the Kindly Orphan & Handicap Welfare Homes, Shan Dai Selangor

What NFT and web3 tools do you use?

Producing NFTs can be as complicated or as simple as the creator wills it. We work on different types of NFTs — from music to poetry, to visual. From PFP collections to photography and fine arts. Thus, it is quite difficult to pick a favourite tool of the trade. The creation of each artwork comes with its own set of goals and challenges, therefore, the tools differ from item to item.

Although most graphic software suites could do the job, our weapons of choice mostly come from the Adobe family of products. We do not believe in spreading our work thin across scores of platforms and chains, thus the majority of our works can be found on OpenSea:

Probably the greatest tool in our arsenal comprises decades of collective marketing, design, and branding experience. There is really no substitute for knowing what you’re doing, and no shortcuts to attaining this level.
When creating anything, be that cooking a meal, assembling a machine, writing music or a book, the order in which techniques and ingredients/parts are combined, is of paramount importance and accounts for a large portion of the art.

With the internet available to all, there are so many marketing tools available to every starting artist. However, options mean nothing and only get in the way if one combines them in the wrong order or begins assembly of their vision without proper planning. Thus, planning every release is the single most important factor of launching a product. Every project is different and requires independent research. But… there are underlying tendencies and best practices one learns with time. Such as the importance of building a community of passionate evangelists prior to launch.

Animusians on OpenSea

Tell us about your favorite life hacks, tools, and products in daily life

Without a doubt, the greatest life hack of our age is the blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies. The ability to live free of the coercion and double-dealing of the parasitic banking sector and predatory governmental overreach is a blessing like no other. Self-custody and sovereignty over one’s financial destiny is nothing short of a superpower.

This may seem commonplace and trite, but a great discipline in work is not only about increasing productivity by increasing input, but also about knowing when to stop. One must hone the ability to recognize the point of diminishing returns at which less becomes more.

When we’re tired or unwell, we have trouble concentrating and being efficient or productive at all. Therefore, regularly engaging in physical exercises and cyber detox operations, such as active excursions in the fresh air are necessary indulgences to preserve a keen and agile mind, as well as a healthy body.

We also really enjoy language study and would like to dedicate more time to exploring Asian and South American cultures.

Our favourite authors include Stephen King, Terry Pratchett, Gene Roddenberry and, of course, the Master: J.R.R. Tolkien.


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